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Two-Step description

Two-Step is King of the Country dances. When people think of Country dancing, it’s the first dance that comes to mind. Two-Step is a direct descendent of Foxtrot the most popular dance of the 1900’s. It differs from Foxtrot in a few distinct ways. Two-Step is danced beginning with quick, quick, followed by slow, slow. This puts the speed at the beginning of every pattern, turn and spin rather than the end.

The Quicks should be executed by taking smaller steps, about a half stride, while the Slows should be done by taking a normal full stride. This enables the body to move the same speed through space whether taking a Quick or Slow. This is the most current way to execute the dance however, it is taught with slight variations from town to town.

Over time the dance has become very dynamic through intricate turns, spins, and ducking patterns while taking on the flavor of the music. It can be done smoothly to slower music or very rhythmic to faster tempos.

Monday nights at 8:00. This is where it all begins. Even if you’ve never danced before, this class is designed to get you going! Learn how to do the basic Two-Step, in open and closed position, how to do turns, and how to do beginner patterns like the weave. We strongly recommend that all students try this class before moving on to the Intermediate Two-Step class. Our Beginner class will clean up your basics and make you a much smoother social dancer when you learn good fundamentals. When you leave this series of classes, your friends will think you are the best dancer on the floor!

Monday nights at 7:00. Once you’re comfortable with our 4 month Beginner Two-Step syllabus, take it to the next level with our Intermediate Two-Step class. This class focuses on “Weave” patterns including Check Weave, Cross Weave, Lariat, and Pretzel.

Monday nights at 6:00. If you’re looking for a Two-Step class that’s a step up, you’ve found the right place! This Advanced Two-Step class offers the latest concepts and includes syncopated spins, tandem turns, windmills, etc.

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