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West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing has quickly become one of the most popular dances on the planet. The opportunity for the man and lady to express themselves within the dance to a wide variety of musical styles makes it appealing to all ages.

It is a slotted Swing dance where the lady travels from one end of the slot to the other unlike its distant cousin, East Coast Swing which is danced in the round. It begins with but not limited to a 6 count basic rhythm counted 1,2 3&4, 5&6 and progresses into 8 count patterns counted 1,2 3&4, 5,6 7&8.

The slot belongs to the lady but is shared with the man. If the man wants the lady to travel from one end of the slot to the other, he will open the slot by turning to his left or to his right.

If the man stays in the slot with the lady, she will dance up to the man and return to the original end of slot. The dance is made up Pushes, Passes, Tucks, and Whip patterns with the man and lady finishing with an Anchor Step, (a stationary triple).

Our Beginner West Coast Swing classes feature six weeks of Beginner material. We have moved to a workshop style format which allows you to join us any week of the month. When you"ve completed 6 straight weeks you will have been exposed to what we believe will prepare you for the Intermediate class. This does not mean that you"re ready, take as much time as you you"d like and remember that we strongly encourage you to continue to take the Beginner class after you"ve graduated.

Concepts and Styling: After you"ve mastered your basic 6-count and 8-count patterns, this class will give you a better understanding of the dance and build your repertoire. Learn variations in patterns, hand changes, turns, spins, and footwork.

Abstract Swing and Musicology: Now it’s time to step out of the box. This class is all about letting the music guide your movement while giving you the skills to do it. This class is not about patterns – it’s about altering patterns based on what the music is doing. Develop a greater sense of timing, learn how the pros listen to the music, and really get the most out of a song. Step up your dance with new body styling for both men and women. Get a taste of professional choreography! New material every month.

In this class dancers are encouraged to select a clip of West Coast Swing online and submit it to our facebook page. We then select a piece of that clip that includes cool moves and styling. We then break down the leader and follower"s parts. It not only adds to your repertoire, it also gives great insight into the minds of amazing dancers from around the world.

West Coast Swing Basics

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