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Brandon Parker

August 4, 2013

Brandon started dancing in 2004 at age 14.  Like so many young people that dance, his mother was an enthusiast and was persistent enough that he finally gave in.  Little did he know that his passion for dance would turn into a lifelong hobby/career.  Starting out in the D’Amico Dance junior program taking classes from Damon and Lisa and then going on to dance Pro/Am, assisting in classes to now teaching, he has become an excellent dancer/instructor.  Now at age 24 Brandon has worked his way up to the Advanced level of the WSDC worldwide ranking system.  He is currently teaching group and private lessons at D’Amico Dance.  His quirky and fun, yet to the point teaching style is well like by all.  His other talents such as, DJ’ing, MC’ing, and hosting private functions at the studio and at corporate events have made him a huge asset to the dance business.

Malena Eckenrod West Coast Swing Flash Mob
Malena Eckenrod
West Coast Swing Flash Mob


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